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Birthdate:Apr 26
Location:United States of America


♛ 30; California.

♛ I love making graphics, particularly icons and mood themes, and headers and wallpapers (though the latter is kinda rare for me to do) all of which you can see at etherealnetwork.

♥Dylan O'Brien♥, ♥Tyler Hoechlin♥, Henry Cavill, JR Bourne, Ian Bohen, James D'arcy, ♥Jonathon Young♥, Ryan Kelley, Peter Stebbings, Jack Davenport, Tom Mison, Reeve Carney, David Bowie, Ben Barnes, Richard Armitage, Cory Michael Smith

Holly Marie Combs, Meghan Ory, Lana Parrilla, Agam Darshi, Freema Agyeman, Kate Beckinsale, Lisa Marie Smith, Rosario Dawson, Famke Janssen, Cristina Scabbia
Movies & Credits:

Metropolis, Batman, Batman Returns, The Man Who Fell to Earth, May, Underworld, The Avengers, Thor, Sucker Punch, Silent Hill, Alice in Wonderland (cartoon), Halloween, Halloween II, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Captain America, Interview with the Vampire, Labyrinth, The Shining, Beetlejuice, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Vampire Journals, Friday, Net Friday, Friday After Next, Jurassic Park, Stigmata, The Cell, The Ninth Gate, Pirates of the Caribbean (1-3), IT, Godzilla, Trick 'r Treat


Layout: Here
Nikola Tesla Mood Theme:Here
Charmed Mood Theme:Here
OUaT Mood Theme:Here
Sleepy Hollow Mood Theme:Here
James Norrington Mood Theme:Here
Teen Wolf Mood Theme:Here

codes by YuanRu Design

Made by: greatbriton

Credit: whiskyinmind

Credit to: outofcontext

Credit to: fruitytaste



{DC Universe

Interests (138):

absolutely fabulous, agam darshi, alan grant, alan/billy, alesha phillips, alessandro nivola, alice in wonderland, alien perfume, alvin klein, american mcgee's alice, angel, ashley magnus, ben daniels, billy brennan, breast cancer awareness, british, charmed, cheshire cat, chris evans, computers, cordy/angel, csi, csi (las vegas), dark phoenix, darrish, david bowie, declan macrae, derek hale, derek/ruby, doctor who, donna noble, dorian gray, dracula, dylan o'brien, england, eric szmanda, fan fic, fanfiction, fate, florence and the machine, freema agyeman, george eads, gothic, graphic design, greg sanders, handy/martha, helen magnus, henry foss, henry/kate, highlander, horror movies, human!ten, i love lucy, ichabod crane, icons, jack davenport, jack harkness, james d'arcy, james norrington, james pendrick, jean grey, john barrowman, johnny depp, jonathon young, jordan parrish, jurassic park, jurassic park 3, kate beckinsale, kate freelander, kate/henry, lacuna coil, lana parrilla, law and order: uk, leverage, lisa marie smith, london, martha jones, martha/handy, martha/ten, masquerade, master/martha, methos, mickey smith, mr. bean, murdoch mysteries, never mind the buzzcocks, nick stokes, nikola tesla, nikola/piper, noel fielding, nogitsune, nogitsune stiles, once upon a time, penny dreadful, peter stebbings, peter wingfield, phoenix, piper halliwell, pirates of the caribbean, red riding hood, red riding hood/ruby, reeve carney, regina mills, repo! the genetic opera, richie ryan, robert lawrenson, robin dunne, ruby/red riding hood, ryan kelley, ryan robbins, sanctuary, sheriff stilinski, slash fiction, sleepy hollow, sparrington, steampunk, steampunk graphics, sterek, steve rogers, stiles stilinski, ten/martha, tenth doctor, the avengers, the clockwork cabaret, the doctor, the hoosiers, the x-files, thierry mugler, tim burton, top gear, tyler hoechlin, underworld, union flag, vampires, vintage, welcome to night vale, wicca, x-men
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